Going through my rocky feelings;

Seeing that my Ship is sailing

To a place where I no longer care to know,

With my burdens, heavy, but blacker than snow.



I always look back at the early memories,

That felt so sweet as juice of berries.

But never for a day did I think I’ll meet a query;

That might eventually turn to my greatest worry.



Life doesn’t ever tell!

Next thing you might see yourself in a well.

If you’re careless, its warning will never ring a bell !

And when it’s game time,

You might see that you have far gone fell.


No one ever told me this.

My caution status was like an empty disk.

Maybe if one had warned me, 

I wouldn’t have been in this whisk.

Though now; it’s clear to me.. 

Wishing for a new life might be a daunting risk.


So, Let me sail!

Above my worries; Above my fears!

I’ll be up all night until the morning is real.

To get over all the rocky emotions that strike my heart as hard as steel.

And though you’re not here with me,

This is exactly how I feel.


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