“Take me to Jail” by ORUZ KENNEDY 

Yo! Yo! Yo! People!

I’m here again! Why will I ever forget you guys?

I mean, Who does that?

 Well, I’m so excited today because I’ll be introducing someone to you. 

He is not like any random person you’ve met!


He is Super talented!

He is Bold!

He is Nigeria’s Best Spoken Word Artist!

Yeah!  You heard that right! 

(If you don’t agree with me…it’s alright…you’re free to  kill yourself😛😛😛 )

Ladies and Gents, allow me to make welcome…..ORUZ KENNEDY!!

Come on people! Give him a standing Ovation! 

Y’all know he is actually here with us right? Can’t you see him already? Lol!!😛😛😛
So! So! So! Have you heard?

Oruz released his first studio piece today, being the 7th of September 2016. It’s titled “Take me to jail”

The new cover


When asked about what “take me to jail” was about, He said and I quote :


 “… It is a motivational piece. I wrote it for those who see that my works are good, but try to belittle my efforts.

You know, not everybody will appreciate your efforts in life… 

In “take me to jail”—  I am trying to urge people to continue their good works regardless of what others have to say.”

So guys, I have already listened to it and I’m out here screaming … “Jesus! I LOVE IT!!” 🙋


Yeah!  Suffice it to say that “Take me to Jail” is officially the wave of the hour!

 If you are yet to listen to it,(it’s okay, I forgive you😛😛)

All you have to do is  Click on the link below :

“Take me to Jail” by ORUZ KENNEDY 

 I bet you’re gonna love it and thank the heavens later.💝

 But if you don’t , I’m gonna leave you with his words:

“Take me to jail and deny me bail,

but be inspired!”


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