One bullet, One wail!

A thousand others are torn to the pain.

A blow, A shattered grail!

A million more hearts are victims of that stain.

But it shouldn’t be!

That these innocent souls be killed.

That our peaceful air be ceased.

And that even our joys be snitched.

What sores my heart the most,

is that as the waves baths the coast,

More lives are bound to roast.

Dedicating their lives to wickedness in a toast.

But eventually , 

These ones are far gone.

They have gone deeper than they were when born.

We can’t help them anymore!

But yet we can help one.

Help me tell one,

That if we want a better future,

We must direct our toil,

Towards the little children, 

Teaching them a better culture.

A culture that hates ignorance.

One that knows that peace should be a global occurrence.

Something about clearing the wicked forest,

and giving their lives to useful knowledge.

Because even though it hurts now, 

Our Future is still a virgin.

Dearest Friend,

We don’t have to rust the plough.

Before we realize we need to mark the margin.

For now my heart is out and my thoughts are sailing.

To the victims and survivors who wallow in sorrow.

My heart is out and praying

that there would be a brighter tomorrow.


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