My Day in 100+ Words

What’s good my people? How was your day? Care to know how mine went? If you must know, I actually met two angels today. But, before that even happened, I went to hell and back.

  Here’s how it all played out: 

My schedule showed that I had two lectures today. Oh mama! I’m guessing that i woke up by a few minutes past 5 o’clock —because it was a bit dark and the sun wasn’t even out yet. 

I did my usual. Opened my eyes. Jumped off the bed. Drank water.(BTW, I’m doing the water therapy thingie) Said my Prayers. Did my morning prep.( I have a bloody lower limb test coming soon, i so strongly believe that my problems will end exactly the day I get done with that test.)

    Permit me to skip the school part. Unless maybe, You can picture a slim girl walking to school with a sweater on and an umbrella over her head under the freaking rain. Yeah, the struggle is real.

   So, after school today, I decided to go look for where i could repair my headset. During my extended holidays, I woke up to a broken headset and it tore me apart. Like, the opportunity cost of buying a new headset is a whole deal for me at the moment—It’s a new semester, I live on a budget and i am paying for so many things this period.

Luckily, A colleague of mine referred me to a place and today, I decided to go there solo.

   I walked down to the place and met two funny looking guys; One was light skinned and the other was dark skinned; and a little boy which i assume should be 12 or 13 years old for starters. Their shop was made out of a canopy, a metal cuboidal box, 2 plastic chairs, a bench and two working tables with phones of all kinds and phone accessories scattered around the table

   At first, I doubted their competence via sight but their hospitality shook my bones to bread level. Like, I’ve met funny guys my whole life—but, these ones are mere naturals. Holy Macaroni!

  I negotiated with them like a street girl. Pffff! We communicated in Pidgin English, the three of us. The little boy had something else doing. The light-skinned one actually did the work while the other one was much of a messenger buddy. I watched that fella screw open my headset and perform a few magic tricks. LOL! Guess what he fixed the broken side with? SUPERGLUE, SAND and CELLOTAPE!!  I know right? Really Local. Yeah!

But it worked and I’m still not sure how that even worked.

    The best part of my staying there was when an elderly man known as Oga Police came to fix his blackberry phone. They billed him 1500 Naira for the repairs and the man’s response was beyond earth. With a furious face, He replied,

“No wahala! Una for don come carry me at once na! Nonsense! Nor be only 1500 Naira. See wetin go happen eh, I go give una my uniform when una finish, una go kuku use am go rob come gimme money e hear? Anu ofia!”

Choi! Finally, Oga police no get chills at all at all oo. They didn’t do the fixing for him sha, he had to go and check somewhere else.
Anyways, I fixed my headset the local way. I’m good and I hope you are too. As for my angels, Well, One’s name is Michael. The other one refused to tell me his name so i nicknamed him “Mr BATTERY“.  LOL! Don’t ask me why.



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