The Meet Up w/ Grace!

What’s good guys?

You’re welcome to the first episode of “THE MEET UP”. Yayyy!! I know right? So quick. Drum rolls? Hell, yes!  Bring it on baby!

Well, I’m pleased to say that there ain’t nobody badder than my guest today. I call her Gee! You all—She’s a beautiful soul and without much ado, I’d like you to meet her.

“Hi, Everyone! I am Grace Zite. I’m 18 years old. I am a native of Kabangha in Khana LGA, Rivers State, Nigeria. I am from a Nuclear family; The Last born out of 8 children. I am an aspiring Medical Student of The University of Port Harcourt. I love learning, traveling, having fun, watching movies and getting attention. I hate fresh fish, betrayal, pawpaw, lies and boredom. My hobbies are drawing, cooking and cleaning. Actually, I don’t have a favorite food or color.”

Awww…Fun right? Oh! don’t get too excited. I asked her about 9 random questions and her response is just everything. Okay, Okay! Are you ready to see them? Alright. Let’s go there.

Nelo: In just 3 words describe yourself?

Grace: Fun. Weird. Optimistic.

Nelo: What motivates you?

Grace: Music.

Nelo:  What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? 

Grace: Friday was my birthday though.  Someone actually wished me a Happy Birthday and i unknowingly replied “same to you.” Lol!

Nelo: What’s your favorite ’90s jam? 

Grace: “Sweet Mother” by Prince Nick Mbarga

Nelo: Let’s say you’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? 

Grace: Oh! I would be grey; because, It kinda gives me a feeling of completeness and definition in a way.

Nelo: What would you do if you could be invisible for one day? 

Grace: Ahhh! No try me! I’ll cause trouble o! I would go out on the streets and hit someone hard and watch him/her fight the closest person to him. Then, maybe rob a bank…Maybe o!

Nelo: Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind. 

Grace: I give up! I can’t!

Nelo: If you had your own country, what one thing would you make free for everyone?

Grace: If i had a country—I’d make electricity free.

Nelo:  If you were to drop just one advice before you go, what would it be?

Grace: Always be yourself. Think positively and be positive no matter what. Thank you.

Nelo: Thank you Gee! I love you so much! Thank you for being my guest of the day.

Grace: You’re welcome, Nelo.

Told you guys, right? You just met a beautiful soul. To keep up with Grace, You can follow her on FACEBOOK and get connected.

Until next time my loves, I remain yours truly:


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