The Meet Up w/ Chile

Hey Lollipops! It’s another brand new day as usual and yes, you bet we are definitely unto the right vibe. With all pleasure; Me, myself and I would like to humbly welcome you to the 4th Episode of The Meet Up. 

  It’s been a beautiful challenge so far and today as usual, I’ve got another embodiment of preciousness in the house.  She’s my second mummy! My Sugar! My Iron Lady! My able Assistant Course Rep! The most devoted person I’ve ever met. A very passionate woman. Enough of me jare! You guys should meet her yourself.

” Hello, Everyone! I am Opara Chile Favour. I’m a native of Ejemekwuru in Oguta Local Government Area, Imo State. I’m from a family of four. I’m the Second child—The Ada (first daughter) I’m a medical student of Imo State University. Currently in my second year. I love gospel music.( I feel great whenever I listen to music) I love reading and doing physical exercise.  I speak English and  French fluently. I also speak Igbo too. I love caring for people around me.”

Awww! Isn’t she great already? I’m tempted to say I told you so. Let’s get on to the Q&A section, Shall we?

Nelo: Describe yourself in 3 words.

Chile: Caring. Devoted and Passionate.

Nelo: What’s your favorite quote?

Chile: “Forward ever, Backward never.”

Nelo: If you had your own country, what one thing would you make free for everyone?

Chile: If i had my own county, definitely, Health care will be  free.

Nelo: What motivates you?

Chile: What motivates me and keeps me going is that God lives and so i live also. He cannot spoil my life and He will give me an expected end as he promised in his word.

Nelo: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? 

Chile: I experienced a funny scene lately. The normal policy in church is to switch off a phone or put it on silent mode during service. One day, An usher heard a phone ringing. So, he tried locating the source of the sound only to find out after a while that the phone was actually ringing out from his own pocket and he ran out. It was so funny and i couldn’t stop laughing.

Nelo: What’s your favorite 90’s jam? 

Chile: “Sweet Mother” by Prince Nick Mbarga.

Nelo: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? 

Chile: Without thinking twice, I’ll choose the green colour,  because it represents vegetation, fruitfulness and productivity.

Nelo: You said you can speak French fluently. Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind. (In french)

Chile: “DĂ©crire la couleur jaune Ă  un aveugle. C’est ressemble au soliel brillant. ”

Nelo: What would you do if you could be invisible for one day?

Chile: If I could be invisible for one day, First and foremost,  I will travel to my favorite places around the world. Then, I will go to Mr President’s house and write him a direct letter and tell him how much he is falling hands.

Nelo: What’s your favorite Nigerian food?

Chile: Hahaha, I love this question o! For me It’s “ofĂ© owerri” and fufu.

Nelo: What will you like to be if you could live two lives.

Chile: Omo eh! if I could live two lives, I’ll still like to be a Doctor.

Nelo: Besides Nigeria, which other place would you like to live in?

Chile: America

Nelo: What’s your best color?

Chile: Actually, there are two—black and red.

Nelo: What’s your favorite local snack?

Chile: Egg roll.

Nelo: What one word do you use frequently?

Chile: Babe.

Nelo: If you were stuck in an ocean, and a raven had to bring you food. What food would you ask for first?

Chile: I will like the raven to bring me ofé owerri and fufu. LOL!

Nelo: Got any favorite cartoons or TV shows?

Chile: Yeah! La Maison de Mickey -Mickey mouse.

Nelo: Bible or Biscuits?

Chile: Bible!

Nelo: Who did you last call?

Chile:  I called Mum to tell her food stuff is finishing o.

Nelo: If you were to drop one advice before you go, what would it be?

Chile: FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. The road to it will not be void of challenges but don’t give up, Just keep moving forward.

Nelo: Aww! Thank you for gracing this show with your presence.

Chile: You’re welcome, babe.

And it’s a wrap guysss! If you’re reading this—Thank you! For sure, I’m grateful as always.

To keep up with Chile, You can connect with her on FACEBOOK

Watch this space though. We’re not finished yet. I love you all and will always remain yours truly:


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