June Numerals!

What’s new guysss?

Before I even say anything, this post was totally unplanned. I really wanted to do a post for the new month that’s not motivational or inspirational you know. It’s amazing how hard it is—trying to not follow the norms i have cut out for myself. Actually, I was studying this morning and all of a sudden, I got a prompt to do this.

So, How are you? How is school? How is work? How’s the travel? I hope you’re seeing new places? I hope you’re meeting new people? I hope you’re eating well?

Frankly, I’m loving this month already. May was kind of stressful in a way for me. I remember waking up one Friday morning and crying my eyes out for about 30 minutes. I really can’t say what happened or why that happened. I just knew i was troubled and as usual, I am the worst person at deliberately expressing my feelings. Here’s how it all played out. I just got up from my bed, locked my windows so that nobody ever noticed what I was about to do and let it all out. That day was really bad for me and i skipped school because i was too weak to the bones and core of my soul.

Thankfully, that’s not the story now. I’m happier and I feel much better. I love to be realistic, I’m not gonna say I expect it all jolly this month. I just hope for the strength to go through whatever I have to go through and I wish that for you too.

If there’s anything I’m grateful for about the month of may is the many rejections i received. Although they made me weak; somehow beneath the pits of hell, I was able to breathe some cold air. I keep telling people that May was quite revelational for me. For serious, most of them were unbelievable and hard to do. I got insights on who to keep within my space and how I needed to sharpen my skills and talents for future sake and stop being dependent. I really hope I’m able to achieve that this month. I really really do.

Before I go, here’s a visual i have been craving lately. I found it on Pinterest on one of those my wandering days and thought i should share. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You know, there’s something about it, I don’t know if you see it too. Every time I look at it, I get challenged and motivated to do greater things. Lol! Call me crazy if you don’t feel it too.

About TheMeetUpShow, I’ll be continuing it soon. I just have a couple of test to get done with. I need to focus on that but I promise to post new episodes soon.

Remember not to forget God in whatever you do and to stay diligent and true to yourself. Oh! here’s a bible verse that keeps me moving.

Anytime I’m about to hate why I exist, this verse gives me a wake-up slap! You see, God has got something big for us already prepared, all we gotta do is be patient enough till we get to it.

Alright guys, dont forget this: Be free with nature. Learn more. Talk less. Act more. Be you unapologetically.

You guys are always gonna be in my prayers, you know that right?

I will always love you. xoxo


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