Weekend Motivation

Heyyy goons! Here’s a little weekend motivation for your soul! In anything you do this weekend or whenever, please don’t lose yourself to oblivion. Always make sure to carry a full piece of you wherever you go. That way, the whole world will know that truly, you were here and you left a dent on…

Then & Now

A poem of recess


A poem of Hope. A poem for the children.

 Lang Leav has Super Powers!

Lang Leav is one among my sea of favorite writers.  I discovered her through Facebook and I’ve been Awe-stricken since then.🙌🙌 I know a lot of international writers but, One thing I love about Lang Leav is her ability to use simple words to express deep emotions.😍 To me, It’s magical!


    There’s me,  There’s you and nobody else. There’s me,  There’s you and nothing else. There’s me,   more of me and so much of you. There’s me,  more of you and so much of you.  And for the rest of my life, There will be me, just you and only you. And until…


Going through my rocky feelings; Seeing that my Ship is sailing To a place where I no longer care to know, With my burdens, heavy, but blacker than snow.     I always look back at the early memories, That felt so sweet as juice of berries. But never for a day did I think…

#Yours Sincerely

​” I might try to be perfect, if you try to be honest.” —Nelo Igboejesi.


​”We will walk our different paths to meet at a point; We will walk our different paths to meet at Love.” —NELO IGBOEJESI

Worth Me.

​If you can’t love my ugly, you ain’t worthy. —Nelo Igboejesi 


​They were  bodly written on my scroll. “To give and never ask.” “To love and love more.” “To feel a thing and hold unto it” “To fight until the last” I saw four and I wanted all so badly. I wished for all but I was asked to take one. And if I don’t take…


I always wish, I always desire, for a wild fire that will live in my heart for every hour.   Now, I am grown, But I was once a seed that was sown into the earth. Now, I want life and its best. I can’t wait for what comes next, So I house all the…